Rhyme Does Pay


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By Damien Pragnell

ISBN: 978-1-78382-014-6
Published: 2014
Pages: 98
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Bipolar


Damien describes his journey and the process of writing in the following way:

I was gone for a long time
For a long time I howled at the world
I felt as if much of my journey had been robbed by illness
My dream of becoming an actor had been shattered
My ego remained unchecked and I was on the rollercoaster of bipolar

Although my heart was broken over the impact of bipolar on my acting career, I can now see that writing has provided a way to step off the rollercoaster
Over the years my struggle with the illness has been lessened through the creative process, the gift of writing has lessened the impact of the symptoms.
Writing has enabled me to embrace discipline, to take lifes ups and downs in my stride, to set realistic goals and surround myself with grounded people

In essence I have come into my own as a writer with less emotional toll than acting. Perhaps things do happen for a reason.

About the Author

Damien was born in Seven Hills, Sydney, Australia in 1958. He was one of five children, all of whom are creative. His father was a British Paratrooper and Mentor to Damien. His mother was a warm, supportive woman with her own artistic gifts. When they found out that Damien had bipolar she danced him around the kitchen saying son, you have the artists disease. Damien has completed qualifications in library studies which compliments his life long love affair with poetry and writing. Damien has also had a long history of involvement with music, theatre and literature. He names his diverse influences as the Beat Poets, Native American Shamanic writings, Pink Floyd, Steve Vie and Van Gelis just to name a few. Despite these numerous influences, Damiens voice emerges as a highly original and gifted poet. Damien has entered the chaos and pain of illness and emerged into recovery as a strong, expressive, generous and giving man. He credits his recovery and positive outlook to family, his writing, a commitment to wellness and the positive supports of the people around him.


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