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By Caroline Bett

ISBN: 9781849911931
Published: 2010
Pages: 104
Key Themes: post-natal depression, challenges of motherhood, family, humour, autobiographical


Postnatal Depression or What
Do I think I became depressed probably, yes. I was not rigid or had any fixed plans and was actually quite relaxed about the whole affair. I was positive keen and energetic but struggled and can easily tell you that I found being a new mother one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

This book is aimed at working mothers and is about my own experience and highlights the points that I found amusing, traumatic and also how family, friends and professionals including the group to which I belong, reacted.
Through this book I would hope to prevent a new parent from feeling that isolation and despair which can develop when you feel that your own experience is the norm and that it is just you who cannot cope.

About the Author

Dramatic changes to the Betts lifestyle had to be made after the birth of their son. This is a short narrative about my experience and I leave it to you to decide if this was post natal depression


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