Reaching Out


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By Mark Williams

ISBN: 978-1-78382-129-7
Published: 2014
Pages: 96
Key Themes: Mental Health, Depression, Post Natal Depression


If we hadnt gone through what we went through we wouldnt be able to seek awareness, or start the support groups, or talk on BBC Radio to tell families to look after the partners as well. Or have someone do some research on me, for families in the near future.

It has been down to this horrible illness that I have changed my career for the better, and that in itself has made me and my family much happier. It is crazy how a situation can actually put you on a different path in life, for me for the better and would I do it again. Go through this illness to get where I want to go in my time? Maybe not, I would say to you. Has it affected me. Of course it has, in a sense it has stopped us from having more children for our lovely son Ethan to keep company.


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