RANTing OUt The Devil


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Community Traumatization & Human Transformation: An Outsider Philosophy
By Kathleen M Hill

ISBN: 978-1-84747-018-8
Published: 2006
Pages: 277
Key Themes: North American author, empowerment, mental health services, activism, recovery


Ranting out the Devil is a compilation of reflections on discovery pertinent to health and the human service industry, unique to mental health. Ranting represents my journal of healing from an episode of tumultuous mental distress into an engaged, functioning recovery. My evolving internalised state of peace and wellness abreacted out of Rantings dynamics for understanding, acceptance and activism impacting against lifes loss. I combined survivor art with Ranting to express purpose, meaning and value, because reasoning is the combined action of both the intellect and emotion processing a viable conclusion and the greatest part of reason is creativity that touches that most alive part of us, the depth of our personal power. This book provides an extremely emotive and honest account of Kathleen’s view of mental health professionals. She has empowered many patients who have suffered in hospital. She has provided mental health patients with a voice.

About the Author

Kathleen is an inspirational figure in the global service user/survivor movement. Kathleen lives in Canada, thus showing Chipmunkas global reach.

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  1. Maria Altmann (verified owner)

    “RANTing OUt the Devil” is Kathleen M. Hill’s riveting account of how we all can free ourselves from acculturated restrictions and servitude. As Kathleen M. Hill reclaims her right and personal power to act with “self” through her book, Kathleen pro-actively transfers that right to us, by displaying the instantaneous and commanding value of self-factualisation.

    Kathleen M. Hill demonstration as a writer is obvious, exciting and engagingly vivid. Kathleen executes action upon by candidly doing. Here, Kathleen shows how we might ‘rant out our own devil’ all the way through self-determination. Kathleen grants us directive acquiescence by reclaiming the right to choose our own fate through choice and liberty, without compulsion.

    Kathleen M. Hill’s expression is creative, energetic and self-empowering. Foremost Kathleen affords us a passage, course, and route. Kathleen’s book delivers us a healing process by accepting as true; the onus of self fulfilment through a goal of retrieving and believing in one’s human potential.

    I felt liberated by Kathleen M. Hill’s “RANTing Out the Devil”. It is a master thesis having embryonic clarification in the way it encompasses the need for holism through consciousness by giving impartial credence to humanity’s daily felt-experience of living, feeling-thought and reasoning.

    Clearly, as Kathleen capitulates, “…with our natural world a mirror for our socio-political collapse, we need to devise mechanisms for the creation of partnerships, whose ulterior motivation, hence conflicts-of-interest become the binding ethic for peer review and positive action rather than peer conflict and our destruction”.

    I recommend this book to everyone and not just anyone who feels dis-empowered, trapped by welfare discriminations or any other situation namely; in assault of the Mental ‘health’ Industry and its ongoing callous indifference and “known” victimisations.

    I call for those truly interested in humanity and particularly in the social, human, health, education, legal, government and cultural services to take this book wise, for it has intellectual, emotional and spiritual philosophical narrative perceptiveness, practical sensibility, pro-active responsiveness as well as a unique form of integrity.

    “RANTing Out the Devil” by Kathleen M. Hill needs to be promoted in mainstream education everywhere for everyone. Specifically this book with its perspective of the “lived experience” needs to be adopted for real by practitioners and those involved in working legalistically in all areas of human science.

    Let’s hope we see more work authored by Kathleen M. Hill. I believe Kathleen is a high quality, highly engaging and excellent writer.

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