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By Emma Leons

ISBN: 978-1-84991-905-0
Published: 2012
Pages: 240
Key Themes: Mental Health, Schizophrenia, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Breakdown, Recovery



It shows what actually goes on around her and the reactions of other people to what she is saying and doing.

At the end there are some examples of the Environmental Issues that may have led to the breakdown and how gradually confronting and seeing these issues, eventually aids recovery. These changes take time, there is no quick cure.

About the Author

Emma was born in Kent in 1950, shortly after the end of the war and eventually Emma starts to see the effects the war has had on people around her and how their actions decimated her life.

Emma was brought up in a step family and her Mother kept suggesting she read Jane Ayre, Emma has been writing and telling stories since a young child the eldest of a large family, whom she originally entertained with her stories and writing. In the end Emma did read Jane Ayre and it helped her to finish putting together and encouraged to continue bringing this true story to fruition and publication. Emma feels people do not really understand mental breakdown and delusion and hopes this book will help relevant people and irrelevant people to understand and question delusion, how much is actually delusion and how much is bought about by the reactions of other people? No one really knows all this is left for the reader to work out and they can only use probabilities. No one truly knows so is this what makes mental breakdown so scary and frustrating and Questionable?

Book Extract

The beginning of the beginning of the end, – who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Right now at this moment, I remember the books we read – in 1992. Laying in bed at night until midnight, how the thought of young girls and children being torn from their Mothers, filled us with pain and horror, how tears blinded us from the torment and the fear of Fathers being pulled away from their brood.

Many times I remember reading those books. Me in my room, you in yours next door. Its odd that people should ask, am I a Psychic? Because many times the first hint of an event or warning,. Came from you.

But those books were good training for what was to come.

Even now, as I sit trying to pull some good from it all – the pain of you far away and of you and those little ones, not so far away, makes me cry inside.

Are your eyes shut? little ones And your little ones do they miss me?

Look through any window, what do you see? Is the sun shining in – showing up the dust? Is it raining, beating against the glass? Do you want to go out but are afraid of getting wet?

Is the wind calling to you? Tossing the trees around and threatening to turn your umbrella inside out? Or can you run to your car and shelter inside?

What can you see? Grey concrete, parked cars, old and new? Green grass or barren land, dry, scorches and cracked? Fresh flowers, new blossom falling? Like confetti with a promise of delicious fruit. Trees, hills, a forest, a rubbish dump, a garden over grown or freshly mown? With borders full of colour.

Is there water out there, a pond, a stream straddled with algae or clear, sparkling past the rocks. Is it rough, is it still, is it falling down a cliff or rain dropping from a cloud? Heavy or light, soft or loud, singing or spitting?


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