PTSD: The Ageless Disorder


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By Scott Blake

ISBN: 9781849913560
Published: 2010
Pages: 70
Key Themes: PTSD, trauma, mental health conditions, depression


The book was written with a view to enlighten those with little or no experience of coming into contact with those unfortunate to be suffering with PTSD, or indeed those with PTSD wanting more information about their disorder. It was not meant to be a work that should be read from start to finish, but may be done so if the reader wishes. It was intended to be used as a pick up reference.

Extracts of the authors life and own particular turmoil has been used to give clear and concise descriptions of some of the symptoms that go to make up PTSD. The book is not written from a medical view, nor is it a definitive article on PTSD if such a work exists but to put down in laymans terms , words and phrases that one may hear when dealing with PTSD, in order to help form a clearer understanding of the disorder.

Certain examples of PTSD in given situations have been included to give an insight into what could be happening to the sufferer, without onlookers realising. There are obvious examples where onlookers cannot fail to notice that something is going on but not understand what. I have also included a glossary of terms in an aid to understand the jargon.

About the Author

Born in 1957, a generation has passed since the traumatic events that ruined his life. Scott was a company director when he had his mental breakdown. Subsequent to that he had counselling by a Community Psychiatric Nurse and Scotts past was discussed in great depth. It transpired that the traumas Scott faced all those years ago , when serving in the armed forces, had a terrible effect on him, unknowingly. That awareness of events long forgotten caused his life to completely change. Eight years after having the events exposed, in counselling, Scott was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which relieved Scott from the madness his world had become, and highlighted his set of symptoms defining his PTSD.

Divorced from his first wife who could not deal with Scotts behaviour, Scott lived several years on his own, until meeting his, now, wife Sarah, who has been inspirational in not only dealing with Scotts behaviour but understanding PTSD.

John has four grown up children from his first marriage and has discussed his illness with all of them ,in turn. They have all been understanding about the disorder and gone on, independently, to try and find out more about the illness. It was a result of their difficulty in finding U.K. based information that led Scott to write this book.


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