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By Paul Butterfield Jnr

Published: 2015
Tracks: 15
Key Themes: Poetry, Spoken Word, Mental Health, Bipolar, Depression, BPD


Paul Butterfield Jnr the author of “little boy” has created this performing poetry album so you can get the feel for his poetry straight from the author himself. This was inspired and influenced by Pauls two mentors “Paul Martinelli and Geoff Thompson” after the success of his poetry film “epiphany”. This album was recorded and edited by Graham Keys and Jack mc Clay and music by David Anderson and the album cover was a gift from Brian mc Dowell.


1 strain
2 evergreen
3 coming back to you lily
4 damage my vinyl, ill damage your god
5 smile my friend smile
6 confessions
7 momentarily relapse
8 no trust in a pound but a high from above
9 is this your last cup of tea?
10 stuck
11 my predator in the woods
12 faith, forgiveness and forever light
13 the imagination of the faulty fear
14 what is reality
15 delightful obsession


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