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With the Wonderful Counsellor
By Debra C. Rufini

ISBN: 978-1-84747-879-5
Published: 2009
Pages: 58
Key Themes: spirituality, evolution, mental health



Debra was inspired to write this book after seeing Professor Richard Dawkins in one of his programmes promoting the theory of evolution. As a Christian, she feels passionate about society being educated and informed regarding the flaws that she believes evolution presents us with, thus leaving the alternative more probable – it’s opposition, creation. Science relies on that which is proven. Evolution is a belief system. She feels that society is expected to take this unreliable theory seriously, whilst ignore the truth of that which it’s rival entails.

The initial story in the book deals with the controversy of creation verses evolution, held within a counselling session. As a sufferer of mental health herself, she has incorporated this topic within the volume.

The purpose of this book is to open people’s eyes to the truth that many seek and that many find, with the aim and the hope that many more will come to the ‘unpopular’ conclusion which differs from that which we’re fed.
It leaves us with the question, what should we do if we discover and accept that alternative?

About the Author

Debra C. Rufini was born in Hampshire in 1971.

He first book, ‘Social Misfit’ was published by Chipmunka Publishing in 2006. Dealing with issues relating to mental health, she was able to express her feelings on that which she had suffered for many years.

Being a Samaritan, she could identify with her client’s concerns.
Debra writes poetry dealing with mental health and Christianity, (mainly focusing on creationism). She is passionate about educating people blinkered by evolution, and those with open ears willing to hear why she believes the alternative view to be the convincing case.

Book Extract

Do not deceive yourselves. If any one of you thinks he is wise by the standards of this age, he should become a “fool” so that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness”.

‘The God Delusion’ features a quote from Richard Dawkins, stating that a garden should be beautiful enough in itself without believing that fairies are at the bottom of it. Surely if fairies were at the bottom of the beautiful garden, wouldn’t their obvious question be; “How did we get here? Who put this amazing garden here? What or who is responsible for our beautifully crafted wings, along with all these incredible perfectly formed flowers? Who designed all of this? This couldn’t all have mindlessly ‘evolved’!”

The disbelievers have not got a leg to stand on, because they have not witnessed anything to not believe in, whereas the believers believe, because they have witnessed. We must also bear in mind that improbability is not the same as impossibility. You only have to look at life itself for that backup of proof!

It’s farfetched enough to believe that human life evolved on its own accord out of mindless cells, but how can the complexity of the human mind, (consisting of conscience, consciousness, diverse emotions, creativity, memory, intelligence, instinct, decision making etc.) possibly evolve on its own accord out of mindless cells?!

Most of us are born with the five senses to detect our surroundings, which we’re provided with. Our hunger & thirst are catered for by food & drink. What knew that we needed this in order to survive?

Had planet earth been set any nearer to the sun, we would burn up, or any further from the sun, we would freeze up.
Had planet earth been built larger or smaller, its atmosphere would be one where it would not be possible for us to breathe.

We require the oxygen of plants, just as plants require the carbon dioxide of us.

I must say, this ‘big bang’ appears to be extremely intelligent – everything in the workings & consistency for the universe all fits together too nicely & conveniently.


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