Professional Cover Design (paperbacks only)


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Give your book the treatment it deservers with a
professionally designed cover (paperbacks only)

A special offer for Chipmunka’s valued authors

An attractive, professionally-designed cover can be just what you need to help sell more copies of your book. If your cover catches the eye, your book will make more sales.

For this reason, we have decided to give all our valued authors the opportunity to have a professional, completely bespoke cover designed. Imagine your book in the trade alongside other famous books, looking every bit as polished and professional…the pride and joy you’ll get from seeing it and then the rewards and opportunities you’ll get from it selling and inspiring others with your story.

So, give your book the truly professional touch with a bespoke cover. After all, you deserve it, having already come this far on your journey as an author! We will swap your existing book cover for the new cover, or you can have the old cover on the shop only for free or in the trade with your new cover – giving you the chance to increase your sales.

The professional cover option requires an investment of £360 up front. Once this is received, we have a professional designer analyse your biography and your book and create your perfect cover. Each author will be asked to provide a brief description, detailing the colour scheme and overall style and theme of their new cover design. At this time we anticipate there being an average turnaround time of 8 weeks.

Let’s get started today and give your book the boost it needs to sell more copies, inspire others and affect positive change in the world.


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