Priory Citings


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By Professor Piers van Edscem

ISBN: 9781849910651
Published: 2009
Pages: 102
Key Themes: bi-polar disorder, mental health services, poetry, postivity, recovery


Ever wondered what happens in the Priory. Piers knows and spills personal, political and practical beans through unique verse that has many depths and meanings if looked for.

So a light hearted take on random issues or a deconstruction of belief systems, it is all there if you are interested in the search.

About the Author

Piers van Edscem is the alter ego of Jeremy Hobbs, a Gloucester raised bipolar survivor who warmed the seats of Sir Thomas Richs school.

Now living in Somerset, Jeremy enjoyed a successful career in nursing and Health Service Management prior to early retirement on health grounds. Jeremy suffers from PTSD following the tragic stillbirth of middle son Jacob, and combined with his Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder makes for a difficult ride.

This book marks Jeremys first step back onto the roundabout, although involvement with Bath Mad Hatters has provided hugely positive support and understanding, this is his first solo venture.


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