Pretty Little Chaos


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By KiKi denee

ISBN: 978-1-84991-487-1
Published: 2011
Pages: 53
Key Themes: poetry, empowerment, mental health


This book is a collection of poetry that spans two decades in the evolution of a young woman suffering from mental illness but also finding her voice and asserting her power and place in the world.

About the Author

KiKi denee was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1980. She was very young when she realized that something wasn’t “quite right”. In her words, “all I have ever known is literally a roller coaster of intense emotions that is debilitating and extremely exhausting to maintain”. KiKi started writing when she was 12 as a way to cope with these intense emotions that she had been unable to manage. Writing poetry became her therapeutic release and she continued to write as she has lived through suicide attempts, multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, the onset of hallucinations and seizures- as well as wonderful things such as falling in love and having her son, Levi. What she was not able to comprehend, accept, embrace or explain logically, she was able to grasp and appreciate through words on paper. What was disorganized in her mind, was organized through writing.

Book Extract



No one knocks on my door.
Or window.
No one needs and invitation

They come
In the middle of the night.
“Hi Sweetie”, he whispers.
The bright, white light
Shocks me. It hurts.
Doesn’t burn him.

He sighs
When my blood starts
To run.
One arm, one hand, one vein, one vial
Is never enough.

It’s no Twilight.
Not Anne Rice’s Lestat.
Pop culture.

Night after night after
He’s paid
To take my blood.


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