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By Lucile Deslignères

ISBN: 978-1-84991-895-4
Published: 2013
Pages: 99
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Bipolar Disorder


This is a collection of most of the poems written in the English language. Most of them describe the life and thoughts, in poetical terms, of the author. Most poems were written before the author knew she was a bipolar sufferer.

“Americas” is a collection of poems written about or while in America, especially in California. “Poems for L.” is a collection of love poems or rather an amorous relationship described in poetical terms and “in Memoriam” is a collection of poems remembering the dead. “Dreams”, a collection of various poems, was the collection written just before a psychotic crisis.

About the Author

Lucile Deslignères was born in Paris, France in 1969. She has studied history of music and musicology at the Sorbonne and the Conservatoire and moved to England to work as a record dealer and then to study translation, music and librarianship in London and Oxford. She now lives in Cowley, Oxford, and works as a language librarian. She has been writing poetry for the past fifteen years. She also writes reviews (films, concerts) for e-magazines and short-stories. She is also an active blogger. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder one year ago.

Book Extract

Greek fantasy

Suddenly a miracle happens: the sun.
Blocked by an adoring crowd I escape though,
through a narrow street I step into Greece.
The sun is pitiless still, the walls are on fire.
A few noblemen are sitting outside in the shadows
drinking tea and smoking, sometimes speaking.
Aphrodite passes by, her feet hardly touching the ground
and I, I do the same, I keep a low profile,
hiding my arrows in my bag -no one to hunt today,
it is just my smile perhaps that could give it away.


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