Power of the Mind


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Parts 1 &2
By Aminur Ali

ISBN: 978-1-84747-053-X
Published: 2006
Pages: 21
Key Themes: fiction, mania, psychiatry, fantasy, humour


This story is about Maraf, Power Punch and Solar Puck and their abnormal world of power and genius; minds creating a vast world of their own. Maraf was born powerful whereas Power Punch received his powers and Solar Puck had begun with them.The book also stars the virus, or slime as you may call it. This is a light-hearted work of fiction, through which Aminur attempts to unravel the inner workings of the mind.

About the Author

All I can say is I love running, I love games consoles and personal computers. I love football but hate watching it unless I’m there. I live in a terraced house in North West England. I have best friends called Jav and Ludhiy. I have both parents, two sisters and one brother.

I dedicate this book to my family, friends, nurses who looked after me while I was in hospital, and teachers who let me work on this book at Cloughside.

Book Extract

The story begins here in the heart of Deeny Forest where Solar Puck was sitting playing with his puck (hockey/solar puck), tossing it high and low, just waiting for time to pass by and night to fall. With his leg twitching and his eyes heavy he was anxious to go. As he was sitting he heard a booming sound in the distance behind him. The sound soon got closer. Over his right shoulder he could see a light gleaming, it started to blind him as it got closer. Soon all he could see was the light and he was blinded. Then all he could see was the light and the sound booming. The light got close enough so he could see what was the source of the light and sound. As the light had blinded him he had to wander aimlessly in an unknown direction. As he wandered the light went off, everything went dark, and then he couldn’t believe it ‘It can’t be…Miraf and the lights were his jacket glowing and the sound was his running creating a sonic boom. I can’t believe it’s actually him; no one has actually seen him because he’s so fast.’ Maraf’s jacket was the thing that caught Solar Puck’s eyes. At that very moment he became jealous of Maraf’s jacket. It was a cream coloured jacket, which glowed bright in the evening light. All Solar Puck could do was stare in envy. He was so jealous he fired his solar puck at Maraf. Maraf wasn’t slow to dodge, as he did he made a really loud sound deafening Solar Puck, sending him to the floor with his hands over his ears. All of a sudden Solar Puck felt a vibration, ‘oh no not Powerball it can’t be him, if it is I’m gonna skate away.’ Maraf says “no problem I can easily handle him.”


That was it, Maraf was in trouble. The power ball flew at a great pace and Powerball came down. He made the earth shake and all Powerball had to do was smile and Maraf trembled. All Solar Puck did was flee from the action site where Powerball stood. Powerball stood there tall and strong in wait for Parrot, the actual reason he came down for. Maraf decided to flash his jacket to go bright and blind Power ball giving him time to run.

Maraf got away, even past Solar Puck, leaving him miles and miles behind.

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  1. samina ansari (verified owner)

    the subject in the book are really discriptive and the charcters jump out of the pages. it is a liternary masterpiece.

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