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By D.D

ISBN: 9781849914130
Published: 2011
Pages: 104
Key Themes: bipolar disorder, manic depression, spirituality, society


This book takes the reader through a journey of the world of bipolar and encompasses both personal accounts and academic concepts of this disorder which ultimately leaves the reader more educated on this topic than before. It is also a glimpse into the workings of a bipolars mind which is described as a Polaroid mind, hence the title of the book, ..just as a Polaroid film is made of a highly sensitive material and as such is able to hold an image with absolute ease, so is my bipolar mind, also acutely sensitive and with poignant clarity it feels more joy and ultimately more pain, both acute and overwhelming.

Not only is the notion of a polarized mind explored but the author reveals the unraveling of a spiritual journey which all along was disguised as a physical experience, the bipolar experience. The nature of bipolar is one of contrasts, the light must follow the darkness, and the darkness chases the light. A conceptual look at this constantly waged battle is presented and leaves the reader with a sense that we are all consumed by a battle and we are all on a spiritual journey, the interpretation is however up to you.

About the Author

D.D. was born into a South African Portuguese Catholic family in 1973 on an early autumns day in mid April just as the seasons were changing and Cape Town was getting ready for its rainy, cold, winter season. It was a detrimental year for the country as African and Arab states imposed an oil embargo on South Africa, making a stand against its then Apartheid government. However, the big news on D.D.s first day of life came from abroad: The British House of Commons voted against restoring capital punishment by a margin of 142 votes. Interesting times were ahead, not only for South Africa and the UK, but especially for D.D.

The bipolar mood disorder that this book is written about only became apparent in D.D.s life at the turn of the millennium. Although a bit quirky as a child and teenager, D.D. never knew she was harbouring a mental illness. Due to many adverse life events, a debilitating mental condition manifested itself and brought a stark, forbidding reality to D.D.s existence. This book is an account of how D.D. confronted this reality and, with a lot of soul searching and support, managed to transform it. Her struggle for acceptance and understanding will never completely go away, but her struggle for peace of mind thankfully did.


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