Poetry set free


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By Clare Campbell

ISBN: 978-1-78382-409-0
Published: 2018
Pages: 62
Key Themes: Mental Health,


This anthology has poems for almost any occasion. It flows freely, unfettered by the constraints of rhyme. There are poems that bring a new perspective to every day events, poems to make you smile, poems that will initiate thought and reflection. Some poems allow glimpses of the Author’s personal and treasured Christian beliefs but the poems are all potential sources of enjoyment and inspiration for readers of all faiths and none.

About the Author

Clare is 37 and is a qualified Adult Nurse (RN). She has a mental health condition and whilst receiving support for this condition at a mental health day hospital she took up the suggestion from a member of staff that she could try writing as a way of expressing herself. Clare began writing, both prose and poetry. The poems in this anthology were all written whilst detained in mental health units and have provided a positive outlet and an opportunity to escape from difficulties into an enjoyment of the English language.


Book Extract

The Oak

Stepping out into the warm air
Immediately surrounded by trees
Green and purple, different shades
Bright against the grey sky
Wandering up the avenue of trees
Speaking vibrant life into an undecided atmosphere
Ahead is a rabbit, sensing our presence it runs,
white tail flicking a warning to potential predators
Standing still an old Oak draws attention
Proud and tall against the skyline
Victor over sun, wind, rain and snow
It leaves a sense of peacefulness and calm


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