Poetry From My Heart


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By LM Scatizzi

ISBN: 978-1-84991-051-4
Published: 2009
Pages: 81
Key Themes: poetry, schizophrenia, emotion, philosophy



This is a collection of poems written in 80s and 90s, to use words to get feelings out in a sort of poetic way. Many of the issues that bothered me then have become big topics, such as ecology, the questioning of capitalist and gun wielding philosophies.
Hopefully reading these poems will make people think about what their own values are, how they perceive life at the moment.

About the Author

Born in 1961, Lucy Scatizzi did well at school until 16 (in Belgium, Italy and UK) but due to various problems she ended up dropping out & running away from home & had many misadventures. The stress brought out the schizophrenia in genes (biological father had it) & she suffered hospitalisation several times, as well as some suicide attempts. Since 1999 she has managed to stay out of hospital & do many activities, taking an adequate medication herself. She has been awarded benefits and a flat, which provide security & a place to unwind & have helped a lot towards keeping things constructive.

Book Extract


A fertile plain, wheat fields
Each ear of corn dear to its creator
Beautiful, feathery & rich –

A promise for a good year.
But Mr. D. did not think of this
As he rode towards town on
The morning train.
In his suit & tie he barely glanced from
His newspaper
Where stocks & bonds proved
More indicative of what mattered to him.
The fields were but a blur outside the dust smeared window
A plain of profit, not of food.


Foam flecked the little foal sees the light
And from the moment it gains its sight
It is provided for.
Grass & a fur coat –

Freedom & life one thing.
I don’t understand
Why can’t we live off the land
Instead of going batty like lords
In a race for credits, mortgages & words?


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