Poetic Licence


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By Blu Tyler

ISBN: 978-1-84747-964-8
Published: 2009
Pages: 145
Key Themes: poetry, mental health


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About the Author

I am age 22 this year, and I am British. I first wrote poems because I had problems writing, and poems were short and I could express myself.

the more I wrote the more I began to enjoy it, soon I expanded what I wrote, I currently have loads of books I written, that I’ve yet to typed up, which may take months.

My poems are very self explanatory and some have sharp twists.

I went to university, but was bullied really badly, i had to go to hospital because of it, when I returned to university i was again bullied, and the my art department including teachers treated me really badly, and did not help me, even after i left i asked help in getting things like documents and they did not help.

this situation made me worse and i went to a crisis center and again to a hospital, all the people around me did not help me at all and even one of the doctors tried to blame me about things that happened in university, in a later incident the same person asked me if I found her rude, I skilled fully avoided her question, as doctor and nurses have a lot of power, better not to piss them off, one of my workers after painful months finally acknowledged what I went threw and the truth of the matter, where as my social workers and others wouldn’t.

This really helped me, unfortunately that was not the end…

I have had mental health problems and people around including nurses and hospital workers have treated me badly, also the patients, my social worker not knowing what my diagnoses is, start telling me am I laughing because I am hearing voices?

Book Extract

A message in a bottle

A message in a bottle
Things getting clear
Still I want to throttle
You my dear

Heart filed up with so many emotions
Losing so much time and memories
So my darling devotion
I have to you, too many unspoken goodbyes and sorrys

Hard to say goodbye
Mind messed up
Questions ending with why
I am tired time for a nap


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