Poems Of Life: When Words Are Difficult


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By Stacey Dukes

ISBN: 978-1-84991-788-9
Published: 2012
Pages: 149
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Empowerment, Stigma


This book aims to give people with and without a mental illness a voice by using poetry but it also promotes awareness to others about psychiatric disorders. Stigma is a huge factor in mental health which causes distress and hurt. There are also times in life when feelings are difficult to express and words are hard to say. Therefore these poems aim to give people hope, warmth and comfort in knowing that they are not alone no matter what situation life brings them.

About the Author

Stacey Dukes is 24 and lives in the North West of England. Having being a former student Paediatric Nurse and now a qualified Mental Health Nurse, she has listened to many stories happy and sad. Since a young child, poetry is how she’s expressed herself and how she’s reached out to others. Here, Stacey reflects on her own personal experiences of life, mental health and stigma along with other peoples’ experiences she is close to and those she has met over the years in her profession.

Stacey hopes viewers will find comfort and strength in reading her poems as she did writing them.

Book Extract

Born Asleep

You are having a baby boy
Many congratulations
Wanted to scream and tell the whole nation

My mood so elevated I couldn’t hide my joy
Thinking of you, me and your daddy
Something I’d waited for so long, my own family

Suddenly it was the day I’d always waited for
You gave me the signal you wanted to meet me
But then something was wrong what could it be?

The look on the doctor’s face said it all
I didn’t even have to ask
I could read it on his face like a map

You’re my little angel who was born asleep
But the memories of carrying you, I’ll forever keep


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