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By Isaac Hope


ISBN: 978-1-905610-55-6
Published: 2006
Pages: 38
Key Themes: poetry, schizophrenia,grief, homelessness, depression, empowerment, strength

“Isaac Hope’s poetry is very eloquent and flows effortlessly; evoking themes which he has experienced himself such as schizophrenia, grief, homelessness, depression, love and madness. – Andrew Latchford, co-Founder of Chipmunkapublishing


This is an incredible collection of poems written by a young man with a keen eye for verse and a lot of emotion to share. Using allegory and metaphor Hope adventures through the mind and experiments with his thoughts. With clever references to current affairs this is a thought-provoking and highly inspirational collection of verse.

Book Extract

Iron Cage to Bliss

I’m trapped inside an iron cage
Taunted by a fiery rage
Mind in pieces
Torment never ceases
Complications overcome my mind
Evil of every kind
Wanting me to fall
To fall to my knees
I beg God please
Please save me from this
Take me to a higher bliss

Iron Love

It’s all about expression
The express train rides again
The huge iron beast rides out of my mouth
And into your heart
Badum badum
Beats the blood oxygenating organ
Whoo whoo
The whistle of the train
Ride on ride on
Iron machine

Irresistible Urges

Urges so irresistible
They wreak you
Tear you apart
Sink their teeth into your flesh
Frustration beyond reason
Burning thoughts
Hacking up vomit
Go away demons
Feeling of victory
One demon approaches
Now two, three
Victory gone
Smirking faces
Violent psychology
Urges to punch, smash, bash, pulverise
Go away demons
Go away!



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