Phantom Cries


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A Personal Journey of Psychotic Post Natal Depression

By Stacey Dukes

Published: 2019
Pages: 133
Key Themes: Mental Health, PTSD, Diary, Anthology, post natal depression, Survival


In 2012 Stacey, a qualified Mental Health Nurse had her first book published called Poems of Life. When Words are Difficult. However, this time she has decided to go in a different direction with her book writing. Since writing her poetry book, Stacey has experienced her first ever hospital admission which was at a Mother and Baby Psychiatric Unit and almost sectioned after developing Psychotic Post Natal Depression. During this admission she was also diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 2 and Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. Within this book Stacey discusses her struggles of coming to terms with her diagnosis and how it physically and emotionally proved difficult for her loved ones too.

About the Author

You could be experiencing Post Natal Depression. I want to say this very early on in this book that you are certainly not alone. The fact I am even writing this book certainly demonstrates that. Many new mothers can develop postnatal depression, and some arent even aware they have it. Like any book my journey of developing Post Natal Depression has a beginning middle and end with all the bits in between. Some friends and family have asked me many times whether I found it difficult to write this book. The honest answer is yes and no. It has been hard because I am reliving the parts of what I remember when I was severely poorly, and I also go into depth about things I would rather not delve into. On the brighter side it has been useful to get everything out on paper and share my story with others which is my main aim here. In ways I feel it has given me some closure as I realise what happened back then is in the past. I do still have Post Natal Depression and have relapsed since being discharged from hospital.


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