Passages from the Search for Eternal Love


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By Kelly Brown

ISBN: 9781849912860
Published: 2010
Pages: 106
Key Themes: fiction, love, relationships


Passages from the search for eternal love is a book of fiction about a community called Illigruum House and two women Eva and Rosa. Eva is an artist who has accepted being alone as a necessary artistic path. But when Rosa a beautiful and wise woman in her seventies invites Eva to join her on the course learning through love Rosa offers to show Eva her true path. Eva finds that through Rosa a stories of love and a spiritual meeting in the caves of Bearn a new way of thinking about love, the concept of abundance, and a universal love that will change her life forever.

About the Author

Kelly Brown began writing very early, and had two poems published before she was fourteen. After a three month research trip to Africa Kelly was asked to write a play for the Theatre Centre, which was performed at the Lilian Baylis theatre and another for the Royal Court YPT about the Morant Bay Uprising. After this Kelly Studied Literature and Philosophy at University, under the tuition of JonathanRee, excelling in European Literature and philosophy. As a writer Kelly then struggled to find an authentic voice and decided to work with children, traveling and learning about life. She wanted to write about more than the angst inside her head! However just when Kelly felt that she had found her authentic voice the change was difficult for people to understand. When she gave up her work with children and started writing her family panicked. She was labeled as mentally ill and she found her self in hospital with the diagnosis of manic depression. Kelly says that getting over the stigma of having a mental illness was really hard, but that eventually she found that it gave her permission to be who she wanted to be an artist in a very surrealist sense of the word. A writer and philosopher, dancer and photographer. It also opened up a new spiritual and healing dimension to her life. She gained a Masters in Fine art studying with Geoff Brunel who helped her to develop a very valuable creative process working from images and concepts, calmly and relaxed, not manically.


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