Paranoid Lost


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By Greg Bauder

ISBN: 9781847476609
Published: 2008
Pages: 127
Key Themes: poetry, short stories, schizophrenia, language, humour!


PARANOID LOST is a collection of
stories from a schizophrenic viewpoint and they range
from the sublime to the ridiculous. They are alternately
sad, humourous, bizarre and disturbing as well as
highly imaginative and often experimental. But they all
aim to remove the stigma of schizophrenia with their
strange but non-violent outlook. And some are just a
lot of fun.

About the Author

Greg Bauder has had schizophrenia for 30 years. His
poems, stories, plays, reviews and articles have been
published in many magazines, and he has written three
novels about schizophrenia. He lives in Surrey, British
Columbia, Canada.


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