Paradigm’s of my schizophrenia


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By Oritsesemisan Megbele

ISBN: 978-1-78382-305-5
Published: 2016
Pages: 518
Key Themes: Mental Health, Schizophrenia


This is part three of his books. The first one is titled trials of life the
effects of the first book tilted trial of life, is merges with his memories of his
schizophrenia. People with mental health issues all experience the
illness in different ways. The content of this book, and the one published before this book seeks to open a forum from various sources related to mental health issues to openly quest for the reason or cause of the illness
schizophrenia. As the author of his books he hopes to find out from
reliable source if he is actually schizophrenic. At this stage, his
readers have knowledge of his background, what he is going through as a
mental health sufferer and his feelings about his life experiences. The author has an opinion he has been resilient trying to outliving his illness through adoptive memories which are fitness related since human memory systems are ‘tuned’ to information relevant to survival; From the content of the first book it is evident based on his present reincarnation he is living three lives even four to be precise. In this present life with a notion he is Orunmila an African deity, he could be Superman thirdly he is presently living a life just like any other individual. It is left, for his readers to identify the precise conditions under which the survival advantage are in effect and those under which it is not. They are left to determine specific functional mechanism or mechanisms responsible for the effects of his memory or adaptive values involved. At this stage, his readers may start ascertaining the effects of his schizophrenia taking details, making deduction after reading his third book tilted paradigm of his schizophrenia of what the psychological effect of schizophrenia has on him. If one has mental health issues all is not lost make the most of your potential cope with life and play a full part in your family, workplace, and community and among friends. Some people call mental health ‘emotional health’ or ‘well-being’ it’s just as important as good physical health. Mental health is everyone’s business. We all have times when we feel down, stressed or frightened. Most of the time such feelings pass. But sometimes they develop into a more serious problem this could happen to any one of us. Everyone is different. You may bounce back from a setback while someone else may feel weighed down by it for a long time.

About the Author

Oritsesemisan Bamidele Megbele was born in Islington in the district of Tollington to late Chief Dr. Frank Anirejuoritse Megbele and late Mrs. Joy Abeni Faneye Megbele on the 27th of July 1966. This was during the Nigerian Biafra war. His parents were separated just after; he was born without being divorced for the rest of their life. He grew up at Warri Delta state, Lagos, Port Harcourt and at Oyo state Nigeria.

Oritsesemisan’s father originated from Delta state of Nigeria which was once part of Bendel State in Mid-Western Nigeria. While his mother originated from Abeokuta Ogun State of Western Nigeria. These books are series of books he hopes to publish, which he believes contain his life final trials and the need for third world countries to change.


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