Out of the Woods


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By Matthew and Lorraine Woods

ISBN: 978-1-84991-689-9
Published: 2011
Pages: 121
Key Themes: Mental Health, Psychosis, Spirituality, Novel


Out of the Woods is about the pain and glory of staying alive after death and what this means from the perspective of the English bunt demonstration of a jet at the sound barrier both brave or foolish depending on your mental health perspective.

It is probably the inner expectations we have for ourselves, and I suppose others, that create minds which generally only work properly in the real world. But what about if we do not reach our great expectations? What about if we drift in and out of psychosis? Do the romantic notions of growing up still come to fruition? For me it is when you creatively communicate something that imagination becomes anything other than madness, if you know what I mean.

This book is a real investigation of our psychoses although it is great moment to know that imagination can become real, can it become too real? Reliving it certainly brought out a Christian perspective in my third novel, Out of the Woods. This is a departure from my usual style heavily influenced and abetted by my wife. Written in first person is basically our experience, the story of two figures searching for a protagonist in their past to retain their sanity. The protagonist takes the form of a fighter pilot, long since dead but not easily forgotten.

About the Author

Lorraine Woods nee Berryman is a composer who gained a first at Bath Spa University and worked at the Guildhall School of Music providing inspiration and material for Matthew’s previous books. Matthew completed an aeronautics degree and worked at Aces High, North Weald and at electronic repair at Batemans. Out of the Woods is a collaboration which led to both becoming full time authors with all the confidence of tying the yellow ribbon once again to the oak silent with his age she brings a lyrical perspective of a composer to the first person format of the authorship.


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