Our Love


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By Rosaleen O’Brien

ISBN: 978-1-84747-611-1
Published: 2008
Pages: 56
Key Themes: poetry, love, dreams, hope, emotions, romance


Our love has been written with openness, and honesty opening up emotions that stir the
heart. This book shows that we all have a choice of not loving, and not ever getting hurt or taking a risk by sharing our love with another. The author takes us on many paths and at times comparing love with that of swans who are life long lovers and the trees and plants around us. For every one who has ever loved this is your book. It is dream that has been held for a lifetime, were those dreams ever fulfilled? And most importantly what was the inspiration behind such a book. It has to be read in it`s fullest context to find out. Bouncing from one emotion to another this international award winning author has taken on the challenge of a life time by dedicating a book to something called romance. Once you start you will not be able to put it down, and it is ideal on a trip. Bouncy, humorous and full of tension, this is an engaging book that holds the reader in suspense.
All of us have had a memory of a romance at some time in our lives and this will wake up thoughts that may have been missing over the years. A first love is exciting, emotionally charged, and filled with questions, have you got the answers as you read through an account of thought from the heart.

It is filled with positive overtones and there is no room whatever for negatives. Where does one take their heart when they want to share their lives? This book `Our Love` leaves no stone unturned and even relates to a restaurant that sold such tough meat, even that incident has been written up in a jokey way and the author has refused to see a weakness anywhere along her path to romance.

Read this book at your leisure and find words that can help you in your relationship.

We are on this path of life each of us is an actor on stage, we must go out there and play our part
in our theatre of love today. There is only once opportunity in this world of ours there won`t be a second chance. As you read through `Our Love` jot down ideas from the book and make your romance something that you will never forget, then and only then will the author feel good about this amazing book `OUR LOVE`

About the Author

I have been in receipt of trauma counselling since 1999 on a daily basis,at times speaking till the early hours of the morning.Support from my trauma Counsellor helps me to come to terms with accepting that what has happened to me cannot now be changed. I cannot ever forgive those who had a vicarious liability to look after me and failed. As a result of being locked away for some years all because we were poor has brought certain limitations to my day to day life. Writing is a form of therapy and allows me to be free to be the person that I want to be, and should have been my birthright. Through writing I can reach out to others who may have had such an unfortunate experience as myself . Daily flashbacks can be upsetting and I fill my life with things to do so as to block them out. Day to day life can be exhausting and coping mechanisms that I learnt in order to survive have not helped me in the outside world. God help all fellow survivors and perhaps one day Ireland will accept the terrible price we paid. Shame on all you right thinking residents in Ireland to allow the government and Catholic Church to ignore harm done to me and many others who are either dead or too ill to tell their story. Thanks to Chipmunkapublishing I have been able to confront my demons and a Big Thank you to Reatha my trauma counsellor without her I would not be here today writing about my stolen life.

Book Extract

My heart oh it beats so fast
Pondering on our future
A dream that we both know could last
And so our special love we will nurture
You speak in a calming voice
As you utter words that please me so
I am responding cause I may grow to love you
As down life’s path we go
Your kind words they have brought me comfort
My heart it is all ‘a dance’

Soon we will meet and have no regrets
Destiny has called us
And it is not by chance
A few choice words have set the scene
We have reached out to one another
My heart is full, my head is light
have we fallen in love with each other?
The pain of wanting grows stronger each day
The future calls us perhaps to give all of us
In our theatre of romance today
My step has developed a new meaning
It is now so purposeful and so bold
Reminding me of my future
No longer do I feel out in the cold
Each time I just sit and sigh
My bond is kindled
And the ribbons from my heart they are tied




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