Opening The Door To The Mind


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By Jane Ann Whittaker

ISBN: 978-1-84991-846-6
Published: 2012
Pages: 51
Key Themes: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Poetry


This is the first book of poetry from Jane Whittaker. She also has had work performed for the stage and is very interested in using creativity as a means of relieving stress.

About the Author

Jane Whittaker was born in 1959 in Edmonton, North London. Her parents are from Jamaica. After leaving school at 16 she went to college to study social work, but did not complete the course. She then became a dental nurse for two years.

In 1978 she was diagnosed with a mental illness and hospitalised. Subsequent mental distress led to more hospitalisation, which she felt caused even more distress.

She has a 20 year old son and now lives in Bradford. She has written poetry from a young age and has now started to write plays, one of which has been performed recently.

Book Extract

The Love of the Storm

The phone is ringing
As she runs down the stairs
Jumping the last not wanting to miss
A precious moment of his deep voice. It’s
Raining outside, dripping down the window ledge
As they exchange sweet nothings
The call seems heated, the rain heavier, sky darkens, flash of
Lightning thunder,
When she wailed,
‘Tonight, tonight?’
He must have said yes
She gasps a deep breath
Lightening flashes again.


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