One-to-One mentoring with CEO Chipmunkapublishing Jason Pegler



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One-to-One mentoring with CEO of Chipmunkapublishing Jason Pegler. This is for a limited period only.

6 X 1 Hour Sessions

Be mentored on:

*How to write a book and be published.

*Take your idea to reality.

*Information about publishing models and which is best for you.

*How to set up your own publishing company.

*How to set up your own social enterprise.

*How to set up your own charity.

*How to find pro bono services.

*Career change – improve your motivation and performance.

*How to get international media coverage.

*How to improve your self confidence and prevent limiting beliefs

*How to improve your goal setting

All payments need to be made in advance. Sessions are spaced out over a minimum of two week gaps per session. The 6 sessions must be completed within 6 months of payment. Mentoring is on the phone only. Please do not apply for this if you cannot afford it.


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