On the Bright Side 3


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On the Bright Side 3

By Andrew Aldred

ISBN: 978-1-78382-404-5
Published: 2018
Pages: 35
Key Themes: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Paranoid Schizophrenia


This book contains some forty poems about current affairs, urban life and some more personal aspects of Andrew Aldred’s life. It also has six short stories of a dark nature involving murder, criminality, drug abuse and terrorism.

About the Author

Andrew Aldred grew up in Bolton and went to Bolton Grammar School before joining the army in 1982, where he served in Germany and the Falkland Islands. He left the army late in 1985 suffering from a variety of mental problems and getting a medical discharge. He got an education after leaving the army and has worked as a mentally ill man in several jobs. He is in remission from cancer and hopes to make a full recovery. He spent twelve years in secure mental hospital and some time in prison after stabbing his father in 1997.

Book Extract

Post-Election Chaos

The conservatives have forged links with the DUP
Costing the tax-payer a billion pounds so we hear
They are dependent on a backward set of Orangemen
For the final ten votes that will pass their policies
Well, at least they are getting something done
Even if it is a dirty, corrupt old business
Damn it! They are politicians, after all
Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t realise he’s lost the election
He’s sacking people for voting against the party line
He doesn’t want his party to have ideas of their own
And I think it will be to his detriment in the long run
If the Labour party is a dictatorship what will the country be?
If they get into power which they probably will
If this government cannot somehow get the country in order
And capitalise on the narrow margin they had in the election
There needs to be more room for compromise
On both sides of the political pendulum
Corbyn and May need to settle their differences
And start working together for the good of the nation


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