Of The Solace Between Life And Death


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By Kelly Brown

ISBN: 978-1-84991-541-0
Published: 2011
Pages: 82
Key Themes: Mental Health, Fiction, Relationships, Surrealism


The novel “Of the Solace between life and death’ focuses on Happiness and solace, Intention, and the power of Will to bring about change and transformation. Mark is a psychiatrist in Eden. He comes across a fascinating woman called Sky and falls in love with a wolf-like woman called Sarah. He sees parallels between them. They both talk about Shamanism and the Healer Zaijian, and a possible cult called the Happiness Society. Mark decides to research the link between shamanic breaks and mental illness and follows these two women to Zaijian and the healer and petty tyrant Val and the Pyrenees. It is a journey of Love, healing and transformation for all three, as Mark, Sarah and Sky embark on a journey of personal growth and find that with personal courage and change they are able to understand themselves deeply and each other more beautifully.

About the Author

Kelly brown was born in London in 1970. She started writing poetry at fourteen, and managed to get her poems published while at school. Kelly also had two plays that she had written produced for the Theatre by nineteen. She an Artist in a Surrealist use of the word, being a performer, dancer, writer and Fine artist Photographer. She sees herself as part of the New-Age, and the New age-spiritual movement and her own diagnosis of mental-illness as part of a shamanic journey.

Book Extract

Of the Solace

I know a very beautiful song. It’s hauntingly authentic. The songstress sings the words; “There are eyes above… there are feet below…somebody console me.” Her voice quivers and tells a tale somewhere between joy and despair, somewhere between knowing and hoping.

Solace is the consolation, the comfort that we seek in distress; that allays distress. We can also give solace to another. I am very romantic, and concerned with how we connect, and I have learnt that we can find more solace from one another than any substance, activity or avoidance. When we deeply hug, warmly connect, when we touch, hold comfort and console each other… when souls meet, we are one. All the difficulties of our humanness are shared. We find a shared emotional language, an emotional landscape from which we can build bridges of understanding and love.


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