Obsessive Compulsive Torture


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By Graeme Currie

ISBN: 978-1-78382-074-0
Published: 2014
Pages: 19
Key Themes: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD, Intrusive thoughts


This is a small book which talks about experience with having intrusive thoughts ocd which is different to your classic OCD. OCD intrusive thoughts are when your mind makes you believe that you will do something that is against your nature for example imaging if you were on the bus the person sitting next to you what bad things could you do to that person who the thoughts play on that. In this book I talk about the time I kept it a secret until around the age of 23 I started to tell people for the first time which was hard at first but it did help a lot in the long term. I talk about the actions I took when I was having a bad time such as what if I really did do something that evil. I really wanted to write this book because it is an issue it hardly gets talked about intrusive thoughts OCD. I hope this book helps others better understand their condition as well.

About the Author

Graeme Currie born on the 15th August 1988 has stayed in East Kilbride Scotland for all his life so far. Graeme was at college for five years doing a computing course which as he puts it as he was really doing it for the knowledge most part and if he got a job at the end of it that is a bonus.

Graeme has just started getting into running a business with his dad selling items on eBay but has decided to take a break from the business side of things to focus on getting himself better from the intrusive thoughts. He has kept it quiet since he was 17 the horrible thoughts about committing bad acts. He has been diagnosed as having intrusive thoughts ocd at the age of 23 a couple of days before his 24th birthday by the psychiatrist which he thinks fits well as he has been suffering from the most horrible thoughts on a day-to-day basis. The thoughts are usually something that is totally against his nature with a lot of the thoughts bordering evil acts. Graeme is on medication now which he thinks is helping but would love to recover fully and not worry too much but some days can be hard even with all the bad things happening in the world that is what triggers the intrusive thoughts by watching the news on the TV. He has been on fluoxetine for almost five months which he thinks is helping but only the future can tell. Graeme wanted to write this book to help others who are suffering from the same type of ocd intrusive thoughts get better by understanding their condition much more and their differently is a life to live even though some days he hates.

Book Extract

Thoughts which I thought were dangerous

Oh I was examining stabbing someone also slitting some ones throat so I thought it cannot be that easy to do that so I put the knife to my throat gave my throat the slitting maneuver obviously not doing it too hard but hard for a tiny cut or scrape across the throat area. I got a bit paranoid that the neighbors or family members saw me doing that so I decided never to do that again. I thought what would happen if I stabbed one of my family members in the chest oh what would I do trying to save their life, I will call the ambulance right away. Now this is the thing that out of everything scared me the most was attacking someone with a hammer after watching a film about the serial killer Jeffrey dahmer who was a murderer and sex offender He killed his victims by smashing their heads with a hammer usually. I started to get the urges to do the same thing but I was fighting it constantly I thought that would be the most horrible death ever getting your head smashed by a hammer. Every time I saw a hammer lying around the house I would try to get rid of it by throwing it outside as this made me feel better. Usually when I was coming back from college I would normally go through the backdoor entrance and I always walked by this big mallet type hammer which always played on my mind as my mind was telling me to use it on someone in the house.


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