Nothing Sacred


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By Fatma Durmush

ISBN: 978-1-84747-169-7
Published: 2007
Pages: 199
Key Themes: schizophrenia, recovery, female experience, diary, mental health


This book started in a classroom, a friend suggested Fatma wrote a diary. The class enjoyed the two pages which she wrote, encouraging her to write more. Nothing Sacred is a now a book which, in two volumes, chronicles the life of Fatma and the many facets of her schizophrenic personality. With this book Fatma poses the question; what is mental health. If a doctor were to read this book they would think it a case study. It is a classic study of a paranoid schizophrenic. It deals with the illness on a daily basis, and the wider aspect is the world of healthy people contrasted with the illness, and how the shadowy world is almost taking over from the real world. This is the story of a mind in constant flux and the curing of the ailments and grievances of schizophrenia.

About the Author

Fatma Durmush was born in 1959, after years spent suffering from schizophrenia she has finally achieved her ambition to be a renowned artist and now has an art degree. She will be going on to study an MA in art this year. As well as an artist and successful author, Fatma is also a play right. She found a modest niche in America where two of her plays have been performed, one of which will soon be published in an anthology. In the UK She has been published by the Big Issue as well as books and pamphlets. Her artwork has featured in over sixty exhibitions at, amongst others, the Tate Modern and The National Gallery.

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  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    A well written and reflective piece devoted to the difficulties surrounding schizoprenia

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