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The Story of Our Autistic Son
Elaine Eveleigh

ISBN: 9781847476616
Published: 2009
Pages: 93
Key Themes: autism, aspergers syndrome, family story, education, advice


I didnt ask to come here, said a bad tempered psychiatrist at Southmead hospital. They had sent him to see me because I kept crying. Well, I hadnt asked him to come and wasnt particularly pleased to see him either. I cried a lot in those days and didnt think it was cause for calling in the mind doctor. Id just had a baby and I dont think I had quite believed in it till then. Birds must have the same shock when a fully formed chick pecks itself out of an egg that had only ever required sitting upon and nothing else. The pregnancy had seemed enough to be going on with, but the pregnancy was over and the baby was for life.

About the Author

Elaine Eveleigh has been writing for a long time, mostly narrative poetry and short stories, the stories were published in Punch, a famous, but now extinct magazine and broadcast on Radio Three. All very much once up a time. More recently Elaine tried my hand at playwriting and had amateur productions done at local venues. She has lived all her life, sixty six years so far on a hill in Somerset but only three miles from Bristol City.


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