None But the Mad


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By Jack Fenix

ISBN: 9781849915878
Published: 2011
Pages: 136
Key Themes: PTSD, drug addiction, recovery, empowerment


Drugs, delusions and disorders, a five year jaunt through the many afflictions of one man who just refused to die. A true story about how a mans madness turned into a search for the answers to great philosphical questions in order to regain his sanity. The book which casually jumps from comedy through tragedy and borders on philosophy is an account of many of the mental health problems that can affect a person, depression, post traumatic stress, messianic and psychotic delusions and social anxiety from a man who experienced them all and experienced them while on drugs. Madness is not a description that fully does justice to the many experiences and choices of this one peculiar man.

About the Author

Jack Fenix was born in October of 1986 and raised for most of his life by a single mother. From a young age he began having the delusion that he was meant to save the world, his first experience of mental illness, and became more engrossed in it as time passed. Experiencing post traumatic stress disorder at age fifteen he withdrew from the world even further into drug addiction and using computer games as another means of escapism. At age eighteen he was hit by a further traumatic incident which forced him to face up to years of mental illness and delusion and quit the drugs which he had used to keep himself from facing reality. After years in recovery he faces many mental health problems but tries to stay active in the cause of mental health reform as much as possible.


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