Nine Stop Trip


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By Adam Byfield

ISBN: 9781847474445
Published: 2008
Pages: 180
Key Themes: short stories, depression, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, fiction


Nine Stop Trip is Adam Byfields collection of nine short stories which he has cleverly spun into a single, cohesive piece of work describing his journey through depression and recovery. As youd expect Nine Stop Trip contains nine excellently written and imaginative short stories, Some of the highlights are

Beauty, A suicide note relates a story that is both dark and strange while critically echoing popular cultures attitude towards beauty.

Time To Reflect, A secret diary gives the reader a snatched glance into the world of a madman.

In The Picture In The House, After receiving a bizarre photograph in the post a photographer is compelled to hunt down the pictures setting, no matter how much it may cost.

About the Author

Adam Byfield, currently works for the Leeds City Councils Refugee and Asylum Service and is Vice Chair of Amnesty International Leeds. He also holds a masters degree in physics and astrophysics but writing is his real passion. Adam has experienced clinical depression since his early childhood but this was not officially recognised until a couple of years ago when a GP diagnosed him as having a chemical imbalance in his brain. Having always refused medication and the side effects that accompany the pills. Adam has instead received counselling from both voluntary community organisations and the NHS. Adam feels that this counselling, and his writing, has made real difference.


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