Nightmares and Bliss


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Journeys into Bipolar Mania

By Suzanne V. Brown, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-78382-065-8
Published: 2014
Pages: 124
Key Themes: Mental Health, Memoir, Bipolar, Mania, Manic Depression


Nightmares and Bliss is Dr. Suzanne Browns second book, a memoir about her experiences ascending into the heights of bipolar mania. Suzannes first book, Blue Hills Diary, Mystical Journey into Mania was written sixteen years earlier when she was in the throes of a manic high.

In contrast, Nightmares and Bliss attempts to answer those questions bipolar manic depressive people have about their far flung experiences. This story documents Suzannes over the top manias resulting in four traumatic hospitalizations. Suzanne shares her developing episodes, her addictions to self medicate, and her many ventures beyond the veil, including meaningful coincidences, mystical experiences and dramatic shifts of consciousness.

Nightmares and Bliss is one book for people who want to better understand the bipolar persons varying dimensions of awareness, bizarre choices, and inner psyche.

About the Author

Suzanne V. Brown, Ph.D. was born outside of Portland, Oregon USA in late January, 1952. Formally schooled in Psychology or Virginia Tech, Johns Hopkins University, she left JHU shortly before receiving her Ph.D. to make her mark in the business world selling large computer systems for Hewlett-Packard she was the top 2% in the country and telecommunications with IBM. True to the intense, goal-oriented nature of mania and after fourteen years of the business world, she completed her Ph.D. dissertation with St. Johns University. It was also about then when Suzanne joined Dr. Rhea A. White of the Exceptional Human Experience Network to investigate accounts of anomalous experiences of all kinds. These experiences, when honored, can create whole new worldviews and begin a spiritual awakening process. Suzanne finally understood that all of her experiences from the odd to the outrageous were destiny markers on her Lifes Journey. It was shortly after this revelation she wrote Blue Hills Diary. Within a few months, the intensity of writing this book would catapult her into full blown mania. Since that time, she has been overwhelmingly urged to publish it. Today, Suzanne works as a drug addiction clinician and lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area.


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