New Science of the Mind


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By Darragh Tobin

ISBN: 978-1-84991-128-3
Published: 2010
Pages: 92
Key Themes: mental health, short stories, poetry, fantasy



New Science of the Mind is an expression of personal emotions encountered on a journey navigated through fifteen years of living with mental illness. The book contains a selection of writings in the form of ‘inner philosophy’, fantasy and poems expressing concerns about a world affected by wars, climate change, famine, terrorism and suffering amongst the innocent. New Science of the Mind is Darragh Tobin’s first book.

About the Author

Born in 1972, Darragh Tobin grew up in Cork and Co Wexford before moving to Kildare where he now lives and writes. He has been a mental health service user since the age of 15 years and enjoys films, music, travel, entertainment, arts and sciences. Darragh Tobin describers the process of writing as both difficult and liberating and now wishes to share the fruits of his innermost thoughts and labour with others.

Book Extract

When Red Rain Falls

When red rain falls my pain gets in all diverted angles. My heart falls apart, then my mind is far away to the moon and the stars. All activity gone wrong in my deepest son of faith and devotion. This is why I have to fly and get away to another universe, where I’ll be safe please God the old rod for dipping into m emotions and personal beliefs. When we cry I try to settle down for their beautiful wonders. That’s where I’m going.

The never-ending onslaught of War and Peace. I just hope for the best. It’s like a test, the reality of life so calm with beauty and a little dance of winter’s gone blue in ideas gone wrong. They should not belong to the worst of us. We must have a date for solutions for my revolution.

I see therefore ask question in the sky of coward in their blues. I face the enemy of life that is Satan’s enemy. Did you watch and listen, therefore you are the fool? I can’t stop dreaming in my magical quest for peace. Streams falling over the young ones in their bright creative countries. We will unite never fight. We can achieve a perfect balance of peace all over the years gone by.

I am the greatest of all my planet of peace. I should be weary to take care and be aware of such realities such as war. People getting killed in a direct launch of love. We will overcome all our fears and tears that remain on our mind to find love and a balance of mind. Peace everlasting truthful followers. Now it is time to remain calm and inner peace. Why should I say all of these things? We are all fragile.

This could be the end or just the beginning. We will overcome all our enemies with success and victory. It’s so long, we begin to cry on the battlefield for all our loved ones and sons. My truth that is important to safeguard all soldiers going to fight as we take flight in peaceful wonders in the night. I’ve got the poison; I’ve got the remedy. Here now, maybe gone tomorrow.

I hope and pray that I’ll be okay, the infection and affliction will go away on time, just wash my sins away forever. Let us not forget the true meaning of war. There will be casualties in any war, so powerful and violent flower, just like cowards settled in private places of the human races. Don’t look at me, I don’t need nobody.

Wash the basin of desire then all our flyer movements can be diverted. No troubleless war. I can believe so my heart is true like you. We have a purpose to represent and serve. The magic pendulum awaits in a chain of wisdom taken from the past. We are the present so like our forefathers. We move with care to the future and begin our journey hoping the best.



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