My tribute to Anne Boleyn.


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By Tim Price

ISBN: 9781783825653
Published: 2020
Pages: 23
Key Themes: History, Mental Health, Depression, Asperger Syndrome, Self Help


I have always been interested in Anne Boleyn. She was a victim, in my opinion, of a political conspiracy and a royal desire for a male heir.
This book will give the reader a broader insight into my view of the life of Anne Boleyn.
A lot of the opinions are my own and not necessarily meant to be historically accurate.
In my opinion, the things she was accused of were almost certainly not true.
Annes life was all too short but she gave birth to Elizabeth 1st, who was one of Englands longest serving monarchs.
My interest in Anne Boleyn has been of some help to me in my mental health issues and my Aspergers syndrome. It has been a lifelong interest, I can identify with her and her struggles.

About the Author

I was affected by lack of Oxygen when I was born and was first diagnosed with a mental health problem in 1990 it was called Depression which people can develop several different kinds of Mental health needs issues or problems they may need the experience of medical staff in hospitals like the Priory, Leighton, or Macclesfield.
I later discovered that I had Aspergers Syndrome.
I received help from staff with experience of mental health issues.
Recovery took a long time with help from hospitals, carers from the Mental Health Unit, my friends and family.
Am normally a positive, happy person and I join in activities whenever I can.


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