My Rainbow Story


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My Bi-Polar Journey
By Melanie Booth

ISBN: 978-1-84747-061-4
Published: 2007
Pages: 28
Key Themes: poetry, Christianity, complimentary therapies, bi-polar disorder, manic depression

“The impact this illness has had on my life has been massive and has influenced the person I am today, tremendously. I hope that this story has given a glimpse into the path my life has so far taken, and that it has given a clearer understanding of just what the illness entails, as well as hopefully giving fellow sufferers strength and hope, from my words. Apart from times when most poorly, the majority of the time, I see Bipolar as a condition to be managed, and in my life now, I think I have managed to achieve this. I hope others can see and perhaps learn from this”. – Melanie Booth


Part poetry collection, part autobiography and self-help book ‘My Rainbow Journey’ is an account of Melanie’s experience of bi-polar. Melanie’s poetry is vivid and imaginative, her autobiography is instructive and education. Melanie has also included a short guide which is is aimed at fellow sufferers. An interesting and varied book, there is something here for everyone.

About the Author

I’m Melanie and I have had bi-polar disorder since being a teenager. Now 35, and living in Sunderland, (my birth place), I now practice complementary therapies, having gained qualifications in massage and reflexology. I enjoy art and crafts, especially silk and pottery painting, and writing poetry. I am involved with a mental health project, where I am an active volunteer and Committee member, and sometimes attend the art group and Relaxation class held there. I do the administration work in the local respite home for the disabled. I enjoy meeting with friends and family, and spending time with my nephew and niece.

Book Extract


Oh what a comfort it is to know
That I’m held in Jesus’ hands,
In Him, I will not tumble,
For I know He’s in command,
And oh what an assurance
That one day His face I’ll see,
When I come to the end of my earthly days,
I’ll live with Him eternally.


Through the veil of my tears
I hear Him say, “Look unto Me for I am near”.
I will your sorrows drive away,
No longer you, the price must pay.

Come to Me now and you will find,
Sound blessing and true peace of mind.
I love you so, your tears I’ll dry,
Lean on Me child, no more to cry.”


Your peace
Comes gently, softly,
To rest upon tired shoulders
And aching hearts.
Oh, Lord, refresh me
With your healing love
And I shall be made whole.
In the peace of Your presence
There comes a new dawn.



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