My Fight Against a Life of Depression


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By G. A. Williams

ISBN: 978-1-84747-284-7
Published: 2007
Pages: 13
Key Themes: depression, autobiography, post-war Britain, female experience, strength


This short autobiography is touching and deceptively simple. In fact it is through Georgina’s use of simple descriptions that the reader gets a rare and emotive view of another’s internal and external world. That external world is post-war Britain for a child and adolescent woman, an experience hitherto not sufficiently explored.

About the Author

I am 63 years old and live in York. I have had a dream all my life to write my life story. At last that dream has come true. It has taken a long time and I did not just put pen to paper. I wrote it out many times and put in a lot of long hours through the night. A lot of good and sad memories, lots of tears remembering and going through everything.

I like most things and a variety in my life – I easily get fed up of the same things. I am a happy and contented person. I like company and people, but am a bit of a loner at times.

It is thanks to my niece that I was able to get my book published as she typed it out for me to send to the publishers.

Book Extract

I was born in Coventry in a place called Meriden at the end of the last war in 1944. Coventry was badly bombed with doodlebugs. They bombed factories, hospitals, houses, etc. Coventry was bombed to the ground. It took years before they built it up again. I remember my mum hiding under the table with a teapot in her hand. The bombs came and cracked the teapot and all the tea ran out.

My mother was born in Austria and came over in 1937. My father was a Scotsman. He was a reserve in the Royal Air Force. He was a flight engineer. My mum met my brother’s father, which was her first husband, and had my brother. He was born in 1938. He was evacuated to Ampleforth in Yorkshire. Mum met my dad in 1942 and had me in 1944. I went to a nursery at two and then went to an infant school. In the nursery I used to put toys up my knickers-leg, but my mum brought them back the next day. I was a trying and difficult child to bring up. I once put a cat in a tub. I thought it could swim. I ate coal and put a pearl up my nose and swallowed a cufflink. I dragged a dog on my skipping rope and was mad on bikes. I peddled up the middle of the road.

I did not listen to what I was told. I went to a few schools and at the age of eight I went to a boarding school called St Catherine’s. It was built for King Henry VIII for one of his mistresses. It was a castle right on top of a hill with lovely grounds and a big driveway with a big green and huge Yew tree. The headmaster was a professor of psychology and he ran it with his wife. I was there six years. I was very unhappy for a while, homesick until I got used to it. But the last few years I was unhappy and mum took me out and I went to a secondary modern school. I was there for two years before I went to work.


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