Murder For Starters


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By Nick Satornetti-Portway

ISBN: 978-1-84747-132-1
Published: 2007
Pages: 74
Key Themes: poetry, mania, spirituality, mental health services



Nick’s inventive book of poetry very accurately potrays, both in its content and also in the style of presentation, what it is like to be manic. With his poetry Nick attempts to tackle many subjects from abuse at the hands of mental health professionals to love and relationships. Nick’s linguistic inventiveness can be hard to follow at first, but soon it becomes apparent that the rich vocabulary and inventive use of language is all part of the way Nick communicates his feelings on the topics he is discussing. This is a rich, varied and interesting collection.

About the Author

I was born in South Kensington, London in 1960 to an Italian immigrant father and an English mother. I went to a convent boarding school in Bridport, Dorset and later moved to a junior school in Romford, Essex when the convent became an old peoples home. I have step brothers and one step sister. My mother has been married 3 times and now lives in Florida after a successful career as a Radiographer.

I was a difficult child and first came into contact with the mental health system at the age of 10 when I saw a child psychologist after walking out of school. I failed most of my CSEs and went into the building trade – becoming a painter and decorator.

I had my first drug induced breakdown in 1980 – I have been in the system ever since. In the last six years I have gained a GCSE and an A Level in photography a BTEC National Diploma in Music Technology and an HNC in Music Production. I am currently doing a degree in Creative Writing at Luton University. I remain single and have no children but would like to meet the right person and have children.

Book Extract

Beginning-less Birth of No Birth

When did I begin, to dance in infinity?
A thought from being of thought of being
Conceptual madness, idea of no idea of ideas
Chicken without an egg, egg without a chicken
Cosmic whirlpool stirred, naked atoms of dustless dust
Stoked voided fires, darkened sun of no son, eclipsed
Uterine rivers coursed, Milky Way of no-way of the way
Umbilical strangle hold of deathlessness of life-nourished
Breathlessly drowning for rebirth of no birth of birth
Centreless centre of no edge of edge of edgelessness
Penetrated black hole, sucked inside out, of outside in
Vision’s bursting eyes plucked; holiness’s filth-divinely divine
Luminosity burns the darkened pyre-suttee devoured flesh
Sacrifice of no sacrifice, subjected submission elevated
Sell every cell of cellular space of no space-expanded
Divide and conquer, split asunder, spiritual waters of chromosomes
Daybreak and breath-pain seers my eyes, colours washed rainbows
Touching tenderly painfully unreal reality of delusional illusion
Journey of no journey’s pathless path travelled, but where is no where
Thoughtless energy absorbed and dissolved transcended clouds cloud
Swimming in inhospitable hospitality-leached lies drunk-universal love
Expanded expansion of no expansion is to love the love of love, love
Where do we end, but begin in beginingless end of no end to begin
Finger were do you start but end and write of writerless thoughts
Inklessly darkened lightened consciousness, oneness of one of no-one, but one
Birth, but where should I begin in begininglessness of no being begin.

Airless Grass of Cutty Sark

Paper sky cranes in its decline of blue
Mirrored crystal foolishly jests at wisdom
Thunderbolts dragon scorches stupidity
Pools of bracken haven, gorse gallops
Amazingly burnt amber stares at death
Detritus flowers in defiance of the sun
Thread of braided silken meadows-weave
Water falls and fails in love of stonewalls
Fodder of parchment unwritten formulation
Bacteria of mathematical holiness squared
Phoenix enviously pursues Agni`s children
Styx of galleon executes simplistic Vetch
Framed birth eggs the tormentor of seconds
Dissolving oneness in abjection of life-endless
Algae’s dustless lust, leached consciousness
Shrunken Luna expanse-devoid of breath
Shrouded imprinted perception contaminated
Golden greens the view of deforested attachment
Yamataka stirs blackness of lighted visions spiral
Diamond garland bequeathed, decapitated fragrance
Intoxicated nothingness extinguishes no-thing, voided.



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