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The Life and Poems of Sid Ozalid
By Douglas John McLean Cairns

ISBN: 9781849914741
Published: 2011
Pages: 146
Key Themes: prose, poetry, mental health, empowerment


This book is a must for anyone making a serious study into the totally ridiculous. Sid Ozalid first burst onto the scene in 1978 as a one-legged tap dancing poet. He would dance with his pet monkey, thrash himself with a daisy and beat his head with a tin tray. During this time he provided support for such acts as Simple Minds, The Clash, The Specials, OMD and many more, some of whom asked for him to be removed from the building. He worked on Radio, TV and in The Moulin Rouge. This entertaining story of Sids life and his brushes with fame over a 30 year period, plus a collection of poems written and performed from 1977 to 2010 demonstrates one mans desire to find a space for his creativity.

About the Author

Born weeks before the start of the 1960s, Douglas fitted in very well at school until he had to learn something. On leaving school at 16 he found employment working in the cartographic drawing office at BP in Aberdeen. To fulfil his creative side, he invented the poet Sid Ozalid, and went on to perform for over 30 years on stage, radio and TV.
At the turn of the century, Douglas suffered mental health issues and stopped both writing and performing. Over a period of time and with the help of friends and colleagues he managed to get back to work and establish himself as a successful Facilitator and Change Manager.

Douglas has gone on a number of sponsored cycle rides and raised thousand of pounds for mental health charities. In 2010 he started performing again with gigs in London, Aberdeen, Amsterdam and on the moon.


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