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By L A Westfall


ISBN: 978-1-84991-610-3
Published: 2006
Pages: 118
Key Themes: childhood abuse, sexual abuse, depression, strength, recovery


At the age of just five Lindsay would plead to the man her parents called God to kill her while she slept. But like so many other prayers it was not her time to be answered. Lindsay suffered a further six more years of physical, mental and sexual abuse at her parent’s hands. Until at the age of eleven, she was rescued by Social Services and placed into care. But would Mother let go that easily! Was this poor child free to find some happiness. Or was it the start of a different sort of abuse. This a harrowing and emotional story of abuse and mental illness; it is an essential read, essential for anyone who wishes to understand how people who are abused feel, how it affects them and how they learn to cope with their experiences.

About the Author

I was born in London in the year 1962. I grew up spending most of my life in Essex, first with abusive parents then in care homes, until I was seventeen. I found fantastic foster parents who loved me like their own. I learnt to love and be loved too. I met and married a wonderful man and sixteen years later he is not only my husband, but my very best friend. Together we have a son Richard, and a daughter Nikki. Family means everything to us. I suffered with mental illness from a very young age. But with the support of my family I always came through the other side. If by writing this book I can help just one child, then reliving it would have been worth while.

Book Extract

My life began on September 8th the year 1962, the day the whole world of peace, loving and happiness died. Well for me it did anyway. My mother named me Lindsay, after someone she knew had died, hoping the same fate would befall me. She looked into my eyes and all I saw was evil and hatred.

I know babies can’t see at a day old, but if I could that is what I would have seen. For the eleven years I had to remain with her I never saw any different.

Mary, my mother, was separated from our daddy. All we ever heard from our mother was that he was a drunk and a gambler. I was too little to know if this fact was true or not.

I and my brother Arthur, who was eighteen months my elder, and our mother, lived together in a large house. It was easy to pick out; it was the one with the black sky over it, with no light in sight. Mother had to work part time because she had two brats to feed, and to go on any sort of welfare was too degrading. She got work typing in an office, Arthur and I went to Nan’s and Granddad’s every time she went. I think that’s how we survived our early days, for we were very young and too easy to kill.

Mother was very mad but at the same time very clever. Within a short space of time, she was all over her boss. A fat grey haired old man. I don’t know how long it took her to get him down the aisle, but that’s just what she did. He was past his prime and just wanted to get a woman. But oh my God how he would regret it. He never saw the black sky until it was too late. My book is about my life and how it started, as I remember it; I aged five and Arthur aged six and a half years old or roundabout. In a large house with posh things, and pound signs everywhere; well he was the boss.

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  1. Julie Rice (verified owner)

    I read this book in two days, I didn’t put it down and sat up till early hours of the morning. What a book! well written, heart felt, UNBELIEVABLE that a mother could be that sadistic and cruel. My hat off to the author for courage, bravery and survival I wish you nothing but love and peace for the rest of your life.

  2. Julie Rice (verified owner)

    I have ordered Mother 2 and found THE DARKNESS WITHIN and WINDOW OF FREEDOM by this author and ordered them today. I know they will be just as well written and I will not be able to put these down either. Best of luck to you L.A.WESTFALL keep the books coming,Im your number one fan now.

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