Mother II



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By L A Westfall

ISBN: 9781847474391
Published: 2007
Pages: 210
Key Themes: childhood abuse, sexual abuse, depression, recovery, schizophrenia


Mother II is the brave followup to Mother, LA Westfalls equally brave and revealling book on childhood abuse and depression. Mother II brrings the story up to date and focusses on how a childhood of abuse can affect the abused in adulthood. This is the autobiography of a caring woman, with a loving family, and her struggle to see life through joy rather than pain. Her schizophrenia wakes with her each day in the form of her biological mothers voice. Only the love with which she is provided keeps her breathing.

About the Author

I was born in London in the year 1962. I grew up spending most of my life in Essex, first with abusive parents then in care homes, until I was seventeen. I found fantastic foster parents who loved me like their own. I learnt to love and be loved too. I met and married a wonderful man and sixteen years later he is not only my husband, but my very best friend. Together we have a son Richard, and a daughter Nikki. Family means everything to us. I suffered with mental illness from a very young age. But with the support of my family I always came through the other side. If by writing this book I can help just one child, then reliving it would have been worth while.

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  1. Julie Rice (verified owner)

    I received this in Saturdays post 23/2/08.It’s now Sunday midnight 24/2/08 and I have just finished it, That says it all another great book by this author you cant put down. Her life story will make you laugh and cry you will want to will her better all the way through.You will feel anger at her tormenters and admiration for her. DONT MISS IT. Thank your lucky stars if you were born to decent parents THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO ANYONE OF US. I have NEVER and NEVER WILL admire anyone more than this amazing woman.

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