More Than a Bandaid


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By Sue Heisler

ISBN: 9781847479068
Published: 2009
Pages: 140
Key Themes: bipolar disorder, depression, family, hope, empowerment


More Than A Bandaid begins with the authors birth and life amidst a dysfunctional family. She had her first major depressive episode at age 19, and her second at age 35, when she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 1991. The book follows her life as she rides the rollercoaster of mental illness and discovers new and different diagnoses along the way. The illnesses were deeper than anything one could slap a Band Aid on, and her faith and determination bring her through to a better place in life. This book is about hope.

About the Author

Sue Heisler is married, has six grown children and is currently involved in the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance as a chapter president and support group facilitator. She works part time at a low income housing project doing activities with the children and running a support group for the women. She lives with her husband and pug in a small town in Vermont.


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