Moon Rabbit


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By David Stocks

ISBN: 9781847478382
Published: 2009
Pages: 275
Key Themes: childrens fiction, fantasy, magic, friendship, bullying, strength


A childrens fantasy adventure, in an exciting quest to restore the vitality of the legendary Major Oak of Sherwood Forest and with it Englands Heart and that of the planet.

In a riddle as old as time, they follow a trail of clues and unravel secrets long lost to mankind.

Hannah and Laura encounter a mysterious white hart, white stag who charges them with their mission to restore the Great Oak. They meet up with new friends Megan and Haroun and together they set forth on an epic quest in search of the elusive Moon Rabbit and the elixir of life. They are also joined later on in this quest by their old friends Holy and Grace who travel in the world of dreams.

It is a breathtaking tale of friendship and overcoming the odds. The story of how Haroun, a victim of bullying, found confidence in himself once more and selflessly helped his friends achieve their goal.

A journey through mysterious worlds, where myths and legends become reality and reality is a whole new world.

About the Author

Davids childhood days were spent immersed in books and in imaginary worlds of his own creation. He would secrete himself away and read for hours on end, unable to escape the fantastical world of the written word. He would write stories of his own, based on childhood adventures in Lowdham, Nottinghamshire. Trips down the stream that ran by his house became journeys of adventure into lost worlds, following it through darkened woodlands and haunted churchyards. He never shared these writings with anyone but his boyhood friends who went on these treks with him.

After leaving school he continued to write stories, but kept them to himself as his career in computing progressed. He made one exception, however, in that every Christmas in the spirit of M.R. James, he wrote a ghost story and recited it by the fireside.

At the peak of his profession as a computer consultant, then working at major international London banks, David had a breakdown. It was during the next six years of his life, now plagued by mental illness that David took to writing again. The result of this is Davids first groundbreaking book, The Celtic Holy Grail Quest, which he completed while in hospital.

The financial hardships caused by his time away from work, directly resulted in his latest book Moon Rabbit.The book only came into existence, because David could not afford to buy his Nieces Christmas presents, so he wrote them a book instead.

The joy that his nieces have had from this unique Christmas present and of their friends, who have since read it, is the best testimonial a book could have.


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