Mind Boggled


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By Yvonne Poulson

ISBN: 9781849910569

Published: 2010

Pages: 183

Key Themes: head injury, separation from parents, dyspraxia, mania, autobiography, author born in 1929


Experiencing a car accident and suffering a head injury as a baby lead Yvonne to develop various illnesses including dyspraxia and lead her to develop the belief that she was being punished by God for being a quarter German. Only now has Yvonne managed to put all the pieces back together and come to terms with her illnesses and the trauma she had suffered. This is a strong and emotional yet influential autobiography. It has helped Yvonne put her traumas behind her, she hopes it will help somebody else to do the same.

About the Author

Yvonne Poulson was born Yvonne Forster in July 1929 in Chingford, near Epping Forest, Essex. In 1936 she was sent to a Montessori boarding school and spent her childhood moving between various schools. She got married in 1950 and became Yvonne Poulson, she has three children. In 1964 Yvonne was divorced and now lives in a sheltered housing unit for the elderly in Dulwich. She wrote her book Mind Boggled in response to a book given to her in the street by an evangelist called, You Are What You Read. After working in theatre, print processing, graphics, art therapy and survivors poetry, Yvonne now belongs to Community Building in Britain and takes part in various Council Forums, she has four grandchildren and, in her spare time, paints trees. It is now accepted that her illnesses stem from her childhood injury and separation from her parents. She finds renewed hope in the Chipmunka initiative.


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