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This is a one hour phone call with Jason Pegler owner of Chipmunkapublishing.

Jason will listen to your story of your mental health experiences and mentor you on how you can improve your life. You may have anxieties you want to overcome, you may want to stop procrastinating, learn how to set effective goals, overcome anxiety and fear or travelling in the rush hour, learn how to come out of your shell and give yourself a voice through writing about your experiences and become a social entrepreneur or key person of influence in your mental health niche.

Jason had a diagnosis of manic depression at the age of 17 and was born in 1975. This means has spent over half of his life with his diagnosis. he is a real mental health expert in not only managing and overcoming his bipolar but conquering it. He has been heavily into personal development techniques for over a decade and created the world’s first mental health brand by pushing himself everyday to life the life that he wants and to live the life of his dreams

If you really want to make a difference to your life and become the person you always wanted to before before you were labelled with a mental illness. Jason has spent over 12 years designing mental health empowerment. It is a unique model. It is not NLP, coaching, mentoring, psychotherapy, CBT or counselling. It combines the greatest tools in all these areas and more. It is a unique model that Jason has created full of practical tips for every person who wishes to improve their life

This product could quite easily be packaged at £3000 for 6 sessions in advance but Jason has a real track record as a social entrepreneur and really cares about people with mental illness. Having spent the last 11 years giving people a voice he now wants to give them the tools and techniques that he has learnt so that you can make yourself better than you imagined you actually could be

This price will not be as low as this forever so take advantage of it now. Look after your mental health in the mean time


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