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The 3 Laws And 21 Ways To Mental Health Empowerment

By Jason Pegler

ISBN: 978-1-78382-166-2
Published: 2015
Pages: 38
Key Themes: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Empowerment, Coaching, Mentoring, Recovery, Self-Help


At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with manic depression and like many I followed the traditional pathways of treatments and therapies, all with varying degrees of success (and failure), thankfully in 2001 I found a way out. In this book I am going to be sharing with you the 3 Laws and 21 Ways to Mental Health Empowerment.

I have developed an acrostic system to deliver these 21 rules and this starts with the phrase ’Mental Health Coaching’ ….

M – Mindset

E – Empowerment
N – Neuro Linguistic Programming
T – Transformation
A – Attitude
L – Longevity

H – Heart
E – Exercise
A – Admit where you really are in your health
L – Love
T – Truth
H – Hypnosis

C – Congruency
O – Organisation
A – Action
C – Coach Yourself
H – Highlight
I – Inspiration
N – Nurturing
G – Goal Setting

About the Author

Since founding Chipmunkapublishing in 2002 Jason has dedicated his life to giving a voice to people with mental illness. Chipmunka has published more than 700 authors and over 1000 original manuscripts over the past twelve years. Jason’s mission is to help people tell their stories and to break down the stigma attached to mental health.

Jason is the author of 10 books including ‘Curing Mental Illness,’ ‘Mental Health Raps’ and the critically acclaimed memoir ‘A Can of Madness’

He has created more than 10 home study courses available in eBook, DVD, Audiobook and Paperback formats including ‘How to Write a Book and Stop Procrastinating’ and ‘Unlimited Confidence’

Book Extract

I’ve written this book to give people with mental illness additional tools to improve their lives. As with anything in life how successful they are depends on how much action they take and what attitude they use whilst taking this action. They also need to take action that is relevant to consistently improving their mental wellbeing. If you want to be well then study how to be well.

I have been working with people with mental illness since the year 2000. Above everything else the ones that get better are the ones that have the right attitude. In order to achieve happiness and independence one needs to take 100% responsibility for the situation one is in in one’s life. Too many people with mental illness fail to see this truth and end up in a negative cycle of unnecessary pain.

My goal in this book/program is to give you the personal development, coaching and mentoring tools to dramatically transform your life; to take you to the next level of happiness and abundance no matter where you are at. Although, I am very passionate about personal development and coaching as my life has been greatly enhanced by them, I have big concerns about the coaching industry and its ‘gurus’. Often, clients are manipulated and brainwashed into thinking they need the next more advanced course, seminar or revolutionary approach or they will be missing out on so much inside that they will only be half of a person or empty in some way, shape or form.

This program is designed to inspire you and show you how to live the life of your dreams now. It makes you responsible for your own life and gives you some amazing techniques to reprogram your mind and life for you to be a happier you and a more useful person in society.

Have faith, be strong, vigilant, enjoy the ride and most of all focus on being happy now. In order to benefit from Mental Health Coaching you need to enjoy the journey along the way and not just the destination. The secret is that the destination is always evolving and so are you. Your mental health is either declining or improving every day. It never sits still so please join me and choose to improve it.


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