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A Student Nurse Account
By Jack Bennington

ISBN: 9781849914574
Published: 2011
Pages: 175
Key Themes: diary, autobiography, dementia, psychology


Mental Health. A student account, a no-holes-barred account of
work on a busy dementia ward, seen through the eyes of a student
nurse undertaking a 12 hour shift. Read of the highs and lows of
working within the rewarding career of mental health. Experience
first hand the sorrow and laughter of caring for individuals with
diverse needs in a world where the bottom line and cost cutting
is paramount and what you see may not be what you get.

Also take a tour through voluntary services, through a unique
diary and discover how they are run, for better or worse. This
book is an invaluable resource for any aspiring nursing students,
individuals currently working within the systems, or those with
direct experience of mental health services in Britain today.
Read it, and make up your own mind if what we currently have
really is Person Centred Care.

About the Author

Jack Bennington was born in 1977 in the West Midlands. He gained
a degree in Film, T.V, and Radio Studies in early 2000 but, after
developing an interest in psychology, later trained as a Mental
Health Nurse in 2007. Upon qualifying in 2010 he took up a
postion working with individuals with Dementia. Jack continues to
develop his interest and knowledge of mental health issues, in
particular the link between healthy living and psychology. He
still works closely with his local university in developing
educational and visual training tools for future mental health


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