Melancholy Star


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By John Carter

ISBN: 9781847478993
Published: 2009
Pages: 282
Key Themes: depression, counselling, day to day, autobiography, hope


This is the real life story of John Carters experience of living with depression. It is not a step by step guide to beat depression. Rather, this is the actual story of how one person living with depression gets through his days and long nights coping with suicidal thoughts that are never too far away. The chapters are written in chronological order through the author’s school years, his first work experiences, and his arrival to and subsequent departure from university at the age of 30. In the last two chapters, the author writes about the rollercoaster of numerous counselling sessions, and about his hopes and dreams for the future.

About the Author

John Carter is 35 years of age and lives in a small flat with his cat in Nottingham. He currently works part time as a reader and reviewer of books for a literary agency because he loves reading as it takes him away from the hardships of real life and it gives him something to look forward to each day.


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